Blogger vs WordPress| Best Blogging Platform in 2021.

Friends in the coming year of 2021 what is better for you? WordPress or Blogger Let's find out.. . Friends in the last few videos we saw that how to create an account in how we can install en eCommerce theme in it and how to promote it But I have got a lot of questions and there was one very common question among all and that was Why and why not WordPress? Which one is higher among Blogger and WordPress? Friends this is a very important question, especially when you have focussed on blogging Also if you want to start your career as a Blogger then it is very important for you to understand choose a platform between these Whether Blogger is better or WordPress In this video, we will try to find out Which platform is better, by comparing them In terms of AdSense Which platform is better to use multiple plugins Which platform will incur less hosting and domain expenses mean how much minimum amount you need to spend on these two platforms as a Blogger and the MOST IMPORTANT point, which platform allows you to do SEO easily We all know SEO is a very important part of Blogging so that your blog can rank on Google so let me try to answer all these questions so that you people understand which platform is better, to begin with, Let's start with WordPress.

WordPress is an Open Source platform which you can download and make a website/blogging page as per your requirements WordPress was launched in 2003 and till now it has covered 38% of the Market Share Among all the platforms in the World the website/blogging page which is on WordPress is 38% If you think about blogging, then 95% of the blogging websites are built-in WordPress So friends, if we go by the Market Share then WordPress is definitely better than Now what Blogger is Google's software or you can say a platform which provides FREE DOMAIN AND HOSTING services to you if you want to make a blogging page or website in then you will need to attach their name i.e. with your domain name the total market share of Blogger is 1.6% so now you can compare One side you have 95% and on the other, you have 1.6% of Market Share this makes you understand one major difference between Blogger and WordPress Which platform is Easy to Use??? in you can create a website within few minutes with domain and hosting and can also publish you website and the same is applicable to WordPress although it is an Open Source Platform, but when you download it you can freely use it by the drag and drop functions and can create a website very easily and Non-Technical people can also use it easily (If I can do it, so can you) If I compare both the platforms now the Winner here is Both Platforms

Next point is which platform gives you ownership? onBlogger. com does not provide you with Ownership they have few restrictions like whenever you make your blog in which is free, then with the blog name you will also have to attach in the domain name (Always and Forever) If you change your domain also but you cannot change the hosting and let's say you plan to switch to any other hosting provider then all the work which you have done on this platform, may get lost But this is not the case with WordPress In WordPress you can purchase your own domain and you can also change the Hosting Services whenever you want to because you always the backup with you you can save and install that backup from anywhere friends, so that your website is always LIVE and whatever work you have done till now will keep giving you consistent results and your website ranking also keeps improving so when we compare these two platforms on Ownership then WordPress is a sure shot Winner.. (Yay) Lets now talk about another important factor i.e.Look and Layout the appearance of Blogger. com comes from the inbuilt themes used you can also install External Themes but.. you cannot change anything in the Layout the color combination in the Layout or the structure of the layout that does not change at all whereas in WordPress you can choose any one theme from the thousands of options available and can use those themes by installing them (They can be free or paid themes) and the best part is, you can change the Layout too the layout can be made as per your requirements and website can be made to look more classy so again talking about the Winner... Its Now comes Security and Safety when we talk about security and safety, then has it all.

As it is the platform of GOOGLE Because of Google platform the safety and security of your blogging site is never of any concern It also gives you FREE SSL which makes your site more secure by adding HTTPS to your domain name So do not worry about security Whereas in WordPress you need to add the security you will need to purchase extra tools you will also need to purchase SSL Certificate so there are some extra expenses involved to add to it, you also need to take care of backup and updates so selecting a winner becomes little dicey but if you take proper precautions (which I know you will take for sure) then there is no problem at all so if we compare here on Security and Safety Both are Winners Another point is

Support and Platforms Friends, this is my personal favorite as there are two things connected to it One is SEO and the other is Plugins If we talk about Blogger. com then for SEO, blogger being Google provides you you get options to add Meta Tag, Meta Description and you can also add other features for SEO and do keyword analysis and research for your blog and rank your blog BUT you do not get any extra Plugins in Blogger. com which may help in boosting SEO performance or if you want to change the website appearance or increase the speed, there are no plugins available in Whereas in WordPress you get thousands of Plugins you can choose anyone Plugin like Yoast SEO or Rankmath which helps you to increase the SEO of your site and also to do proper SEO Analysis using Yoast which helps you eventually in ranking your website there are many other Plugins available too to help you increase the site speed or to change your website appearance you can always use N number of Plugins in WordPress platform But there is not even a single Plugin available in Blogger. com Here the Winner is obviously WordPress Now comes another important factor i.e. INVESTMENT In or in WordPress

How a good deal Investment can we want to make?

I have made a table for this and that table is in my blogging page so let us go to my blogging site Friends, this is a blog on Blogspot Vs. WordPress in my blogging site i.e. This blog is given in detail in the site you all can go through this blog and get all your queries answered too If scroll down towards the end you will see an important comparison on yearly investments There are few parameters for Yearly Investment Hosting, Own Domain, SSL Certificate, Plugins and Themes If you see their overall expenses, it is $2. 89 If you buy Hosting from Hostinger You get free Domain and SSL with it In $2.89 I have also given you the link for it you can use this link to purchase Hosting from Hostinger So total Investment on WordPress is Rs. 4,970 For one Year and for Blogger, if you want to purchase your own domain as you get a Hosting and SSL free then the domain purchase cost is $1.20 and the yearly expenses will be Rs. 1,008 for Now friends, you need to decide what your budget is ?And what your destiny plans are? and the decision is to be made accordingly as to which platform you can use to start blogging Last but not least is Adsense You can get Adsense approval on and also on WordPress You do not need to invest money in the initial phase if you are using but you will need to make at least some investment if you chose WordPress Now you can decide for yourself as to which platform to choose?

Now is the time to conclude Let us see the conclusion also in my blogging site in the table so that we can also revise all the points covered until now and you will be ready to make your decision Friends, this is the Conclusion you will get a complete understanding here about which platform to choose for blogging WordPress or Blogger If we see in "Easy to Use Platform", then both are Winners For "Site Ownership", WordPress is the Winner For "Enabling Control" again WordPress is the Winner For "Look and Layout" again the Winner is WordPress as Blogger has limited features Whereas WordPress has maximum options available So WordPress is Winner here again In "Safety and Security", both are Winners as in WordPress, the control lies in your hand and in Blogger...

We have Google security So both are Winners "Support from Platforms" is limited in Blogger as there are NO PLUGINS With WordPress you get maximum support with thousands of Plugins availability and if you are planning Blogging with a Future Prospect then definitely Blogger is not a good option as there are limited options available, to begin with, you can start with but for the long term, you Must choose WordPress Friends.

There is an important TIP for you whenever I do blogging using, then my focus is to get backlinks for the blogs which are made on the WordPress platform why is that needed and how can we do it? whenever we create backlinks in the the DA and PA are always high as the platform belongs to Google so all the blogs which you write in have a higher chance to RANK For all my Important WordPress blogs I write their synopsis and important points in the and then I give a link to my WordPress blog so that's how my traffic flows from to WordPress and ultimately I get the benefit in my WordPress Blog This remains my main purpose as it is available for free, so I get free backlinks from and you all know how important is backlinks especially when we are into blogging Friends, make the best use of this TIP and use both the platforms accordingly Friends, I hope this video helped you in deciding whether to choose Blogger or WordPress If you have already made the decision, then you have another task in hand i.e. Hard work