The Best FREE VPN in 2020| Ultimate Free VPN Comparison

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The Best FREE VPN in 2020| Ultimate Free VPN Comparison.

I like to talk about VPNs.So a lot of you've got visible my movies evaluating the pinnacle paid business VPNs you could purchase to decide the first-class choice for you. But with everything happening in the world right now, I thought it would be a good time to compare some free VPN options, including one VPN that's truly 100% free with no data caps and So with that being said, let's get right into the video. And we're starting off with that truly 100% free VPN, ProtonVPN. ProtonVPN offers a free VPN with no data caps and the same privacy policy as their paid VPN.

Where just about all other free VPNs on this list have a data cap like 500 megabytes per day, the free version of ProtonVPN can be used as much as you want with no data Look, unlimited usage is great, but how are the speeds? Well, not great. The biggest issue I faced with the free version of ProtonVPN is inconsistent speeds. I saw speeds as high as 152 megabits per second down, and speeds as low as two megabits per second down with a 528-millisecond ping, ouch. ProtonVPN is definitely not a fast VPN just due to the consistency problems. It definitely can be fast, but you can't depend on it for speed. The other big gotcha is that streaming is not supported on the free version of ProtonVPN. That's reserved for the paid version, so you won't be able to get your Netflix fix abroad with this free VPN.

But chances are, if you're searching for a free VPN, you're likely willing to compromise on speed and features, but you need to know you can rely on the privacy policy. And the free version of ProtonVPN is great for privacy. As ProtonVPN states on its website, this free VPN has no data or speed limits, no advertisements, no logs, and is protected by Swiss privacy laws. Now I don't agree when they say no speed limits, I mean they're clearly limiting speed.I attempted out their seasoned choice and it is now no longer this painfully slow, however, I do like that they may be now no longer maintaining facts caps, and you may experience the identical privateness phrases that paid customers experience.

Taking a look at their privacy policy, they clearly state that they do not log users' traffic or the content of any communications. So you might be asking, how is this possible? How does ProtonVPN make money? Well, the catch is definitely the speed consistency problems, and ProtonVPN makes their money On their paid VPN, pointing out that "Our loose VPN provider is supported "with the aid of using paying users."If you would love to help our mission, "please recollect upgrading. But honestly, if you're just looking to get dependable privacy and get the benefits of a VPN for free, I don't think it's really fair to complain about the speed. ProtonVPN is a legit VPN provider, and I think it's really neat that they are providing a free VPN for everyone to use.

Now, what about the paid version of ProtonVPN? Should you consider upgrading to that? Well, as this video is dedicated to free VPNs, I'm not gonna spend much time talking about paid options, but I'll say that my feelings towards the paid version of ProtonVPN are meh. The speeds, even on the paid version are mediocre, and I've got some personal favorite recommendations for paid VPNs at the end of the video that will cover a range of price points. But if ProtonVPN looks exciting to you, I do like how clear cut their privacy policy is, and from an ethics standpoint, ProtonVPN is a great VPN. So ProtonVPN is the only main free VPN I could find that offers unlimited usage. I did come across this app called FreeVPN in the App Store when searching but don't be fooled, it's not a free VPN.

I downloaded the app to find out that I have to watch ads to earn VPN time. Now, I get it, there is no such factor as an unfastened lunch, however, I assume I'd instead be constrained with speed and just be able to use a VPN instead of sitting through 10 ads to unlock a day of VPN I tapped the 10 ads option and decided to time it, and it took me just under 5 minutes to get through 10 ads and unlock a day of access to the VPN.

On the bright side, you get VPN minutes for each ad you watch, so if you decide to bail after watching three or four ads, FreeVPN at least gives you some VPN access for your But at the end of the day, I would not recommend using FreeVPN at all. I don't like having to watch spammy ads to use a VPN, it's not really that fast, and ProtonVPN offers a better experience that is truly free. So now that we've looked at some unlimited options, what about some VPNs that offer you some data free? Well, the first one that comes to my mind is Windscribe. Windscribe is a moderately fast VPN that offers you 10 gigabytes of data per month free with a confirmed email address.

It's worth noting that Windscribe does let you create an account without providing an email address, which some people will prefer from a privacy standpoint, but you only get two gigabytes of data free per month, and you also won't be able to reset your password if you forget But if you confirm your email address, and if you Tweet about Windscribe, you'll have access to 15 gigabytes of data per month absolutely free, which puts you right around that 500 megabytes per day mark that's common to see with The difference is that Windscribe gives you 15 gigabytes of data instead of a small daily amount, so if you would like to store the facts and use all 15 gigs in a single day, you may do Windscribe has faster, more consistent speeds than ProtonVPN, and I think it's a great option to have in addition to ProtonVPN because it never hurts to have several options.

I mean they're free, so why not have several VPNs? I also like that Windscribe offers the cheapest monthly solution for a VPN that I've ever seen, allowing you to build your own plan that includes unlimited data for just $2 a month, This is honestly refreshing when just about any VPN requires you to buy large, multi-year subscription to get even close to a price point of $2 per month. The free version doesn't support streaming, but it's still a zippy, private, and a no-nonsense VPN, and you can build a package that includes unlimited streaming and unlimited data for $2 per month, or you can include the streaming server as well as all U.S. locations with unlimited data for $3 a month, which is still a darn good deal billed one month at a time.

Now Windscribe additionally gives a seasoned characteristic referred to as R.O.B.E.R.T., which is supposed to block ads and trackers in a way that the average VPN can't. It's now no longer a function that I've attempted or had to enjoy with, however, I'm thinking about creating a video approximately the best VPNs for blocking off advertisements and tracking, so if this is something you need to see, please permit me to recognise withinside the comments But overall, I have nothing but great things to say about Windscribe as a free VPN and budget paid VPN.

Now's a good time to mention that I have all of the links to the VPNs mentioned in the description below. Feel loose to apply the hyperlinks beneath as they help the channel, and it simply facilitates me hold making content. Okay, next, let's talk about TunnelBear.This is some other private preferred of mine that offers you 500 megabytes of records in line with day definitely free. It changed into at this second in modifying that I found out I screwed up.

So TunnelBear, apparently only offers you 500 megabytes of free data per month, not per day. And 500 megabytes of free data in a month is really not much data to do anything. So should you still download TunnelBear as a free VPN? Well, maybe if you're interested in trying it to think that you might wanna upgrade and then buy the paid version, but again, as a free VPN, TunnelBear is not exactly what I thought it I don't know how I missed that detail but I just saw in editing that it's per month, not per day. Now should you upgrade to the paid version of TunnelBear? Well, that's not what this video is about. I don't wanna spend time talking about paid VPNs.

If you're interested in knowing my thoughts on TunnelBear as a paid VPN, check out my first VPN comparison video, I'll have a card on the screen right now. But I'm sorry about that glitch. Now let's get back to the video. Now obviously, 500 megabytes of data is easy to burn through in one day, which is why I suggest using it in conjunction with Windscribe and ProtonVPN, again just to give yourself more Now I wanna take just a minute to talk about a popular free VPN that I personally would avoid, and that's Hotspot Shield. Hotspot Shield appears a great option on the surface. Let me tell you, the pro version is blazing fast.

I absolutely believe their claims of winning the award for the world's fastest VPN, because I saw speeds of up to 280 megabits per second down on their pro version but their free version is even slower than the slow speeds of ProtonVPN's free version, you're limited to 500 megabytes per day, and their privacy policy does not make me comfortable recommending either the free or paid version Their privateness coverage states, "Pango does now no longer document your VPN surfing activities "in any manner that may be related again to you.

That's much different than saying Pango does not record VPN browsing activity, period. Again, I talk about what this means more in-depth in my original paid VPN comparison video, but I wanted to bring it up again to say that I would not recommend using even the free version of Hotspot Shield because of this. Even if a VPN is free, the privacy policy needs to be on point, or you shouldn't use it. So, in conclusion, if you're looking for a good free VPN solution, I would recommend what I call the free VPN trio, that's to use Windscribe and TunnelBear when you need a fast browsing session, and use ProtonVPN as an unlimited free VPN when you just need security and don't need to prioritize If you're simply using a VPN for security and privacy and you're willing to compromise on speed and features, these VPNs will allow you to accomplish that goal and protect your privacy absolutely If you require streaming and fast speeds on a budget, I would recommend building your own plan with Windscribe or checking out Surfshark.

These are both amazing budget options that allow you to do streaming and give you those faster speeds. And finally, if you want the absolute best VPN I've tested to date and don't mind shelling out for it, ExpressVPN is what I would recommend. So which free VPN do you guys use?