Top 5 FREE WordPress Plugins.

When constructing your WordPress website, it looks as if it is virtually in no way finished. Sure, you can finish the pages and menu items needed on the site, but you're always seeking to enhance your web website online via way of means of making it faster, rank higher on Google, and be greater secure. Today I thought it'd be fun to share my top five free WordPress plugins I highly recommend you try. I've talked about some of these before and dedicated posts, but this is a brief overview you can refer back to when you need to.Let's get proper into it with Yoast SEO.

Yoast is a free search engine optimization plugin that lets you change how page titles and descriptions appear on Google and other search engines.Without a plugin like Yoast, you cannot manipulate these facts to your Google end result and Google simply guesses out what it thinks you need there and provides a nice To the give up it is now no longer very pretty. Yoast allows you to change this and put exactly what you wanna be there, your website, title description, all the keywords to increase your chance of ranking higher. Yoast also makes sure Google has the correct metadata for your site so you can get that nice page structure under your listing to help people get directly to the page they need.

Whether it's about contact, FAQ, you get the idea they can just click straight through under your website listing and go right to the page. If you're a blogger, Yoast totally changes how you write content.It enables you to encompass key phrases to boost your goal seek phrase, make posts lengthy sufficient for the Google Algorithm to take it seriously, And make it less difficult for readers to digest, which will increase time spent for your web page while human beings can examine less difficult which in flip helps It's really brilliant how it all works together. Yoast does offer a premium version, but I've never paid for it. I find that the free version serves my needs just fine and I'd recommend trying it for your website. Next is a simple one, but one I can't live without. Duplicate Posts does exactly what it says. It duplicates a post or page so you can make a copy to work off.

I find it so crazy that WordPress still doesn't offer this feature natively, but Duplicate Post is free and does the job perfectly. There are a few reasons you might wanna do this or I'll sometimes use it to do a Save As for a page and Be capable of making adjustments to a duplicate of that web page without completely converting the handiest model that exists, or every now and then I'm running on a touchdown web page and in reality need to copy a current one to apply it as a template for my 2d one, this is all there may be to It's a simple plugin that does exactly what it says it lets you duplicate a post for page easily and work off of that copy to do whatever you need to do. Next, let's test the WP Mail.

This one's a bit obscure on the surface and it seems very technical, but let me explain what it does and why you need it. By default. When an email is sent from your WordPress website, it sent through the IP address of your web server. If you are on shared hosting, the shared servers IP deal with typically receives blacklisted as spam due to other web hosting accounts, getting compromised and hackers, utilizing it to send spam mail.

The fun factory you, I bet you didn't know that the overwhelming majority of creepy spam mail you receive comes from GoDaddy Shared Hosting servers or Bluehost or DreamHost or any of the shared hosting Most of the spam mail you get in your inbox comes from compromised So what Well, using the default mail settings in WordPress, there's a good chance of the email being sent from your website, getting sent to your spam folder This is a trouble when you have a touch shape for your web website online or acquire emails whilst humans depart a comment on your blog posts for approval because if you don't regularly check your spam folder, you could miss an important If you're A freelancer, you may leave out a person who desires to lease you due to the fact you do not have your WordPress configured efficaciously to ship mail the WP

Mail allows you to change how WordPress sends mail and it allows you to link directly to a transactional mail service like SendGrid, Amazon Again what does that imply in English? Well, you understand how you operate a provider like Mailchimp or Constant Contact to ship your advertising emails for Your electronic mail list, you would not ship a mass electronic mail out of your Gmail account and CC everyone, in all likelihood due to the fact it would get sent directly the spam and it's just You don't do it, You use a professional service If you are doing an email listing and also you need to do email advertising and marketing offerings like MailChimp and Constant Contact have unique approaches of sending mail to make certain a low danger of it getting despatched to And that's exactly what services like SendGrid, Amazon SES, or Sendinblue do for transactional Transactional emails are emails to reset your password or email such as getting a new contact form submission or new comment on your I personally use Spark Post and I use the SMTP option within WP mail SMTP to connect it accordingly.

Spark Post lets you send up to 500 emails per month for free and I've never exceeded the free limit. Using a setup like this make sure you don't miss important emails, including security alerts from Wordfence, which is the next plugin I'm highlighting. Wordfence is a free security solution that features a Live Firewall Brute Force Protection against common attacks, email alerts for new admin logins, and optional two-factor authentication. I speak from experience in saying that WordPress is not secure on its own without a proper security system. So I would advise installing Wordfence on your site immediately. Seriously, it's totally free if you don't have it installed, pause this

post right now, hit that link in the description, and go install it on your site. It's that important. They do offer a premium version, but I've always used the free version and been happy with it. I won't talk about it too much since I made a dedicated post on it here, but I will have the link in the description to all the plugins mentioned. Last let's talk about Really Simple SSL. I recently talked about how you can get an SSL certificate for free, but when you install it on your web server or set up Cloudflare, sometimes WordPress has trouble enforcing HTTPS on your website. Really Simple SSL is a basic free plugin that all your content on your website loaded over HTTPS and a redirect is forced. So visitors will always see that lovely lock icon.

Every time they visit your site, and SSL will be configured correctly. It's really simple to activate install it and click a few buttons and you're set. So if SSL is working fine on your WordPress site, you don't really need Really Simple as SSL, but if you've had trouble setting it up or you notice that sometimes it's not HTTPS, I would go ahead and install it. I just install it on all of my WordPress site as a general rule i figure why not? It can't hurt anything. And because of that, I've never had trouble with my SSL configuration. So those are my top five essential WordPress plugins, but I do have two honorable mentions. Sumo and Smush.

Sumo is a free exit intent popup I've talked about before and Smush is a free plugin that automatically compresses and downsizes images when you upload them to WordPress, it doesn't affect the quality much, but it makes the file size This helps your site load faster, which not only boosts your SEO, but it also saves you storage space on your web hosting account. As previously mentioned, I'll have links to all of these plugins description below. Now I've gotten a few questions lately regarding drag and drop Page Builder Plugins like Elementor or WPbakery. And since this is a post talking about my essential WordPress plugins, someone's going to ask it.

They're going to be like Christian, why did you not talk about a page builder? That's pretty essential to WordPress. So I'll make it simple. I wouldn't recommend buying or using the free version of Elementary or WPbakery on their own because they're included in good quality WordPress themes. And I think it's best. If you get a good word, press the theme, that's integrated and designed to work with the Page Builder Plugin directly, which would mean that the page builder plugin is included and you don't need to find one or install one because it's bundled with the plugin. Now here's the The WordPress theme you pick for your site can dramatically change your website, building experience. It can change based on the backend of the theme, the developer chooses to use which Page Builder Plugin they include.

There's a lot of variables that really affect how your website building experience goes just based on the theme you pick. So if you'd like me to make a post about my top WordPress themes, drop a comment below, I think that would be an interesting post. And if it sounds good to you do be sure to let me know about that. Also if you missed it, last week I announced the launch of Craylor Academy. Craylor Academy is my new website for online courses and my new course building a WordPress website from start to finish is launching at Craylor Academy later this year.

I'll be covering all of this juicy information in great detail including which WordPress theme you should use and a step by step guide from start to finish on building your first WordPress website, using the link in the You can sign up for my email list and get the course for $19 when it launches. And that's $19 one time, by the way, no subscriptions, no upsells, no ads. If that's something you're interested in, be sure to hit up the link below and join the list. So what are your essential WordPress plugins? I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments down below. And if you liked this post, do be sure to hit that subscribe button and click the bell. So don't miss it. When I release new posts. With that said, I will catch you guys next time.